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    With headquarters in Florida, PGT understands the importance of supplying South Florida business and homeowners with windows and doors which offer the best protection from hurricanes. After Hurricane Matthew in 1992, PGT reached out to Miami/Dade construction administrators to become compliant with hurricane impact and testing standards. Ever since, they’ve been helping individuals to choose windows and doors which make sense for their lives and offer the protection they need.

    PGT Windows and Doors Collections

    All of the window and door solutions PGT has made available offer a number of benefits. While they provide options for a number of different styles, looks, and materials, all of their products are crafted to incorporate the same useful advantages. Some benefits of PGT windows and doors include:

    UV Protection: All of PGT’s window and door solutions offer 99% protection from harmful UV rays that can damage furniture, increase a home’s temperature, and end up costing you more money in the long run.

    Hurricane Protection: All of PGT’s windows and doors are rated and tested to withstand hurricane winds and impact. In fact, they have all been tested to withstand a 2×4 moving at speeds of up to 34 mph.

    Warranty: PGT laminated glass products come with a 10-year warranty and insulated glass products come with a limited lifetime warranty.

    Glass: Even laminated glass can break during severe weather storms like hurricanes. But, the glass is designed to stay in place of the frame even when cracked and shattered.

    Outside Noise Protection: PGT windows and doors are all designed to help reduce ambient outside noise by absorbing sound.

    Confidence in Selection: Because of all these features, PGT windows and doors are a sound solution that home and business owners can trust for years to come!

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    Ready to get started on your next window or door project and think PGT is the right manufacturer for your products? We can help with ordering, shipping, delivery, and install! With years of experience helping with window and door solutions, we know what it takes to offer top-notch service at unbeatable prices. Contact us today to tell us about your window and door needs so we can come up with a free, no-obligation quote for our service.

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